Learning Log- Ending Module 4 and The Final

18 Dec

As much work as this module and the others were, I’ve put off writing my last 2 learning logs not because I am a procrastinator (hahaha), but because I almost don’t want to see class end. I know that sounds like the craziest thing I could possibly say but this class has forced me to invest time into my learning that was completely necessary in order to become familiar with all the tools we needed to learn.  I’ve appreciated the knowledge that’s been passed to me and the positive impact it can have in my classroom.  I’ve really enjoyed comments from my fellow classmates and did learn a lot from their sites and posts. Some of them can still do things that I don’t know how to do but at least I know it can be done. I really enjoyed seeing all the final projects and the great ideas across so many different content areas.

The background for our final project is as follows: “Effective integration of technology into classroom instruction will help students acquire necessary skills to be competitive and productive members of a global society. Technology should be integrated across all content areas and should create an environment which encourages active engagement, group participation, authentic tasks, and frequent interaction and feedback. Effective technology integration is achieved when the use of technology is routine and transparent and when technology supports curricular goals.”

Using the wiki to organize our project is great because I probably wouldn’t have worked with it anymore after we did our Screencast projects. I couldn’t see all the advantages of wikis from just that one project. I love the tabs. They keep everything organized and in an easy to follow format. The widget feature allows for so many tools to be embed/incorporated into the wiki. My wiki I was so excited when I was able to link my VoiceThread to my wiki but also be able to view it right there on the wiki page.  That was exciting to me! Also, when I was able to view my Voki on my home page, I was ecstatic because I’ve never done that before! I really did excited over the smallet of things but I never would have invested all of this time if I had not been in this course. I literally have had almost no free time since this course began and when I did take too much personal time away from this class, the effects were detrimental. It was definitely a lot to juggle and I’m hoping that my efforts pay off. I stretched myself, I did things I didn’t think I would/could, and I learned some personal lessons that have caused me to reflect and analyze the way that I balance life, work, school, family, and friends.

I want to make one last comment on the last sentence of the background information on our final projects. I really cannot wait until technology becomes just that. I hope technology becomes just something we do on a consistent basis, use in all classrooms, and with all teachers. When this happens, maybe our students will leave school just a little more prepared for that global society of ours.

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