LL-Google Docs

5 Dec

The last topic I wanted to mention in my blog is Google Docs. I had no idea what it was or how it worked and now I am sold! I love it. In one of the articles, the teacher was talking about how flash drives were always causing a problem and how there would be several different versions of an article floating around in her inbox and it just got to be too much. Well in my classroom, and in a middle school especially, students are constantly leaving their flash drives at home and not saving correctly, etc., and google docs alleviates the worry. It’s saved instantly and wherever they are! They can use documents or presentations! I showed my boyfriend how to use google docs and then we discovered the chat bar on the right tab bar if two people are collaborating at the same time. We can chat about the document but not on it if need be. He had a blast deleting everything I wrote as I wrote it. I then wanted to give myself full rights to the document but did not know how. LOL. It was fun and very informative and useful. I will be showing this to my students especially the “forgetful” ones but will also use it a lot more myself! I AM SOLD!

A survey I created on google docs:


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