Learning Log-GoodReads

5 Dec

Describe how you will use the bookshelf and other ways you might use GoodReads in the instructional setting.

GoodReads seems like a great way to catch up with a friend if you miss your Starbucks date with them. I love talking with other teachers and my media specialist about what they are reading and what the kids are reading. It cause hype, creates energy, and makes connections. Connections are so important with our students and staff. That’s what helps everyone want to work together and make sure no one is left behind.

I also love talking with family members about good reads! GoodReads is a great place where I can have family and friends collaborating and sharing so that we all can get the most out of our reading material. I really like the recommendations that the site suggests.

This would be a neat site to show to my students especially for over the summer. This way, as long as they are loggin in, they are being held accountable for at least looking at what their friends are reading and logging what they are reading. If teachers are their friends, which seems very safe to do with GoodReads, there will be lots to discuss in the Fall when it’s back to school time!

My “to-read” bookshelf is centered around spanish culture, ancient civilizations of north and south america, and popular culture from latin america. I never get enough of learning about new customs and getting new insight to pass on to my students about the culture of the language they are learning.


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