Learning Log-Flickr Slide Shows-AR verbs

16 Nov

In Spanish 1, we start to learn our basic AR, ER, and IR present tense verbs. In the past, lists were presented with about 25-35 terms on a page and visuals might have been included to help students guess the meaning of the verb. Now,  we use pictures, say the verb over and over again and use different forms of the verb until the students start to associate the image with the verb. Using this slideshow, I can present AR verbs to my students in their most basic form and also use it to teach them how to conjugate their verbs. This is a presentation that we can revisit and do more with several times. The students love it when I have a personal story behind a picture or when I can tell them about the other people in the pictures with me.

My students :

Communicate their likes/dislikes using basic sentences.

Ask and answer questions about topics,

such as family, school events, and celebrations in person or via letters/e-mail/multimedia.





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