Learning Log-Flickr Galleries

15 Nov

My gallery: Mexico

Sometimes I get so wrapped up in these assignments, that I don’t ever want to come back to the reality of completing and turning them in. Thanks again Professor Gaudino 😉 Flickr can truly make you feel as if you know a place. You can see so many sides and angles of one small space that it can come to life for you. There are so many aspects, so many variations, and so many things to think up. If used in the classroom, a student is given choice in what they want to focus on. They are given freedom which draws them into their work, which sets the tone for a great project, which leads to learning and then the sharing of that knowledge.
My gallery on Mexico will be used in my current class (starting tomorrow I hope!) My students are working on a Spanish Speaking Countries Project where each student is assigned a country to research and they are given many topics to cover but they have choice in doing so. I have a slight advantage in that I’ve been to Mexico and am slightly more familiar with the cities, but I will be able to show them the types of images I am looking for, how to show a variety of people and places so we more completely understand country’s full story.
Images can stir a person. I’m stirred 🙂


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