Classroom Blog #3

7 Nov

Social Voice: our voice to our world-a middle school blog in which students showcase their work and speak their minds in many artistic ways.

Social Voice

This classroom site has a very strong student presence. I like that the students’ work is easy to find and seems to be the focus of the page. On their home page, the students’ poems, writing, videos, and thoughts appear. You start to piece together their background and get to know them from their writing.

On my second glance at this site, I found the podcast section. These students are being very brave and giving their opinions on some issues that are very controversial. They are telling their stories though and putting them out there for the world to hear. This is fantastic!

There’s also a section where students about the course and real life are posted such as, “Why does poetry matter?” The answers from the students are inspiring and would be great to show my students. If the students on the site aren’t afraid to share their opinions, maybe then mine won’t be either.

Service projects! Wow! How inspiring! The projects the students have participated in and pictures of things they’ve created to donate are posted here. The students are shown and their cards, flower pots, and books are shown too. This can be an inspiration for other students out there.

Murals that the students created seem to be very special to the class. This is a link off to the right side and appears under each page of their site. The students are shown in action and painting and many finished projects are shown. The murals are beautiful and represent themes like culture, teamwork, and military appreciation.

This would be a great site just to show to fellow educators for them to see what is possible with their same age middle school students. I would ask them what could they see their students doing that is similar to these students. What would they put on their class’s blogsite that they are already doing with their students? What does it make them dream for their classes and their students? Are there new technologies that we could use this year to help us get closer to any of the goals we have? What steps can we take now to move toward this type of expression with out students?


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