Classroom Blog #2-elem/middle

6 Nov

Yes this blog is by a teacher showcasing her students in a private school in which she teaches elementary age children and middle schoolers! Wow!

Here is her site:

It seems Senorita Sanchez posts to her blog to motivate her students and share with others how they are learning. She has many videos on her site of the children singing songs in Spanish and also many pictures of her students in action. She shares special events that she does at different times of the year and how students have even tweaked some of them and enhanced her ideas.

I love the section near the bottom for parents. She responds to parents that had asked her for resources on speaking more spanish at home and she placed a link that has tons of ideas on how to do that. She is getting the parents involved and keeping the excitement for her class going even outside of school.

And this link has tons of ideas for additional practice! I am putting this on my school website ASAP!!!

Her site is relatively new but she has been keeping it updated on a regular basis. I would like to show these videos to my students to show them what is possible, to excite them about their learning and let them see that others are too. Putting their videos out to the real world is Awesome. I have not done anything like this before and when I do, I’m gonna dance because I’m so excited! I will definitely keep up with this site to get more great ideas on teaching through song and practice sites for my students.

Showing other teachers sites like the one above can spark new ideas and ways to have fun with out students and help them learn. Seeing educators do this is invigorating and keeps us fresh and reminds us why we are teachers. Being reminded of this keeps us in the profession and renews us to be our best for our students.


One Response to “Classroom Blog #2-elem/middle”

  1. slm508mkl November 6, 2011 at 3:12 pm #

    I love what you have found from Senorita Sanchez’s blog. I want to have a classroom blog when I get a teaching job. Using it as a way to motivate students and have the students share with people what they are learning would be an awesome way to use a blog. Way more exciting than a teacher just posting the homework and classwork on the blog. Have you started to incorporate any of the things you have found on Senorita Sanchez’s blog into your own class blog?

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