Educator Blog #1-OMG

5 Nov

Oh man! Wow I hope that we were allowed to go elsewhere to find blogs we found interesting because man! This one rocks! So many great tips and resources in one place! Ahhhh I could spend forever here!

the purpose of the blog:

The 8th grade teacher said her site was full of: “random ramblings and advice received for teaching, using technology, and foreign language acquisition.” However, it’s as if this teacher took every amazing tech tip and cool resource and put them all on her blogsite! Wow! I found like 5 amazing things in one glance and then I took so long going through her stuff, that I failed to do the work I was supposed to be doing! No bueno!

Type of posts: She explains what she uses and how she uses it with her 8th grade Spanish class. Her most recent post compares Moodle and Edmodo, neither of which I had heard of before!!! So I got the low down on what was better and then I got to see what in the world each of them were. Neato! She also has videos, assignments, resources students were given to complete assignments, and cool tools that I can show students so they can show me/the world what they learned!!!!

Other thoughts:She even has a list of online games that she uses with her students and they are all on a separate page: I don’t know if it gets any better than this. I mean, I guess if she could create the game for me, yeah, that’d be better but this is pretty great. She even says what motivated the students about the site and how she added badges to it to raise the competition among the students.

How might you
incorporate blogs in your classroom?: This blog shows me how sharing great ideas with other educators can motivate them and improve teaching all over. These games are practice but are so much better than pencil and paper drills! Here is another site that has Spanish games on different topics and at different levels of Spanish. I would love to actually give my students a day to try all/many of these sites and have each student blog about which one is their favorite, which one is the most helpful, which taught them a new strategy, etc., This could then help another struggling Spanish student.

How would you share blogging with teachers or library media specialists in your building/county and encourage them to give blogs a try?

My media specialist already has a blog going with her reading club and on books that she and other teachers and students are reading. Reviews are posted and people share ideas on what to read based on preferences and what they blog about. The only thing I can suggest adding is maybe more multimedia. I know she has pictures but I’m not too sure if she could use video to help the site.

How might you use professional blogs for professional
development? With this site, I would love to just tell faculty to look through this site, choose one tool, and create something with it. Then come back, and have everyone share that one thing they created. I think people would be amazed.

Oh, and one of my favorite suggestions on the site:  Check this baby out! Panoramic views of all around the world with the most zoom power I’ve ever seen!!!!!


One Response to “Educator Blog #1-OMG”

  1. annegageby November 5, 2011 at 10:51 pm #

    I visited her page and I really like how she compared Moodle & Edmodo, neither of which I’ve used before. When I was teaching I would create online “classrooms” through Quia which I loved! I could create quizzes, use other teachers’ quizzes, grade, give homeworks, practice exercises, review sessions, etc. and it was wonderful. Plus I would assign students a secret id so there were no privacy issues. After looking at her post, I’m going to investigate both Moodle and Edmodo (when this class is over and I have free time!! haha).

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