Classroom Blog Review #1

5 Nov

Blog, blog blog blog, blog some more

This blog is a High School Blog in which the class works together to make the page. The teacher, Ms. Burton, has a strong presence as she should, and  has many opportunities for her students to share their work with others. The main page shows what the students are working on and toward at the moment. When you scroll down, past units of study are listed along with videos the class viewed, or the projects that they completed and the resources they used are visible as well. Themes to be studied are listed, their assignments for the week, and blogging guidelines are established. The ideas for assignments are great and she is having students make videos using The video below (I hope) shows what her class has accomplished thus far and what they are planning to do as well. It is inspiring! I can’t figure out how to put the video below ( 😦 ) so if you copy the link into your browser, you’ll see what I mean.

In my classroom, there are tons of things I’m learning that I could use blogs for. I do like the idea of having a classroom blog site where I can show off my students’ work.  The possibility of a global audience could really be motivating to them and might definitely increase the effort they put into their work. They are not just showing their projects to me anymore but to everyone else on the web as well. In blogs, some great ideas for my students will be to:

1. Update their page with images and audio/video about Pobre Ana, the book we read in 8th grade Spanish I.

2. Respond to other students’ work.

3. Current Event: Select and research a topic related to Spain,  Latin America and/or its culture. Post it to your blog and tag the location in a google map.

4. Create and revise a blog post each week.  Include an appropriate audio/video/media/vodcast/podcast

5. Describe in your own words our grammar Focus of the week.

6. Vocabulary- Use words and provide images to represent at least 10 new vocabulary words each week.

On this site, the teacher also has other prompts to get students blogging about personal issues and feelings. These are super ideas for weeks when students are working on something different or don’t have a grammar topic.


Values Prompts

These topics are aimed at helping you: identify what is valuable to you, prioritize values, and see things from someone else’s perspective.

Creative Response

These topics encourage you to finish the story, think creatively, and have fun!

Personal Response

These topics require students to put their personal experiences into words. While there is less creativity, students are turning mental images and feelings into words.

Jam-packed with great ideas for blogging with students and keeping it interesting!


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