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Digital Story

22 Nov

My windows movie after about 8 hours or so is finally finished! It’s my first attempt and I know the graphics could be adjusted slightly still but I’m proud of it still!

It’s for my 8th grade Spanish 1 class. It reveals a little about the first chapter of the book they are going to read. I can use it before I begin the lesson to preview new vocabulary and the images will give them an idea of what the chapter is about. It can also be used as a review before a test.

Digital stories?

16 Nov

All of the following found from: Spanish with Ms. Rodriguez, Marlboro Public Schools:

1. Spanish online stories I wanted to bookmark!!!! spanish online textbooks with songs…right there!!!

Whoa! Awesome resources!



Learning Log-Flickr Slide Shows-AR verbs

16 Nov

In Spanish 1, we start to learn our basic AR, ER, and IR present tense verbs. In the past, lists were presented with about 25-35 terms on a page and visuals might have been included to help students guess the meaning of the verb. Now,  we use pictures, say the verb over and over again and use different forms of the verb until the students start to associate the image with the verb. Using this slideshow, I can present AR verbs to my students in their most basic form and also use it to teach them how to conjugate their verbs. This is a presentation that we can revisit and do more with several times. The students love it when I have a personal story behind a picture or when I can tell them about the other people in the pictures with me.

My students :

Communicate their likes/dislikes using basic sentences.

Ask and answer questions about topics,

such as family, school events, and celebrations in person or via letters/e-mail/multimedia.



Learning Log-Flickr Galleries

15 Nov

My gallery: Mexico

Sometimes I get so wrapped up in these assignments, that I don’t ever want to come back to the reality of completing and turning them in. Thanks again Professor Gaudino 😉 Flickr can truly make you feel as if you know a place. You can see so many sides and angles of one small space that it can come to life for you. There are so many aspects, so many variations, and so many things to think up. If used in the classroom, a student is given choice in what they want to focus on. They are given freedom which draws them into their work, which sets the tone for a great project, which leads to learning and then the sharing of that knowledge.
My gallery on Mexico will be used in my current class (starting tomorrow I hope!) My students are working on a Spanish Speaking Countries Project where each student is assigned a country to research and they are given many topics to cover but they have choice in doing so. I have a slight advantage in that I’ve been to Mexico and am slightly more familiar with the cities, but I will be able to show them the types of images I am looking for, how to show a variety of people and places so we more completely understand country’s full story.
Images can stir a person. I’m stirred 🙂

Text widget1!??!?

7 Nov

Frustration=knowing what to do but not being able to do it. Grrrr! So I found out I’m supposed to put the HTML code in the text widget that supposedly is on my page somewhere but I can’t add it to the sidebar nor can I find anything that says add text widget post or anything like it. Under widgets, it just has add/delete options!!! Grrr!!!

So Today, 6 days later, I went back to my options under widgets, only to find that the screen looked different. I was able to drag the text bag now whereas before, it wouldn’t let me do anything. Maybe last time the page was not working properly. I don’t know but the important thing is that my creative commons showed up on my page now YAY!!!

Learning Log 3

7 Nov

Google Reader

This site, I guess that’s what I should call it, is a great way to keep up with what is important to you. Whatever I want to see more of or more frequently anyhow, I follow and get updates when new things are added. The only way this could be better is if I also got a text message that says, update to google reader has been made, check now to see what you can learn from your classmates. Again this goes back to managing my time better and if I did a little each day like I tell my students to, my life would be a lot easier. So why don’t I take my own advice? Is there a blog about this? Maybe I should follow it and then I’ll get an answer to help me!

Learning Log 2

7 Nov

Now I know that I need to better label my learning logs.

In these first 2 weeks of module 1, a lot has happened in my life, and this has been very eye opening to me. I’ve learned a lot about myself and what I need to improve on in my classroom and as a student myself. There is so much out there and no I can’t go through it all but I have to start somehwere. The educator blogs were so eye opening. Their passion and enthusiasm for their work and exciting their students is simply amazing and it is exciting when we take the step to make the click and see what awaits us on the next page. It can be scary realizing and accepting that there is a better way to do things. I was bombarded and overwhelmed with information at times and also did not allow myself enough time to carefully go through some of the blogs and reflect on which one thing I could start doing now. I need to pick one thing. What is something I can do now? Use a game I saw? Give an assignment to make a video? Maybe its just to ask my students what it is that they would be excited about doing. Then I could get a feel for what they are enthusiastic about and would buy into. That is something I can do now.

creative commons post???

7 Nov

How do I get this to show up not looking like a bunch of mumbo jumbo???

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Classroom Blog #3

7 Nov

Social Voice: our voice to our world-a middle school blog in which students showcase their work and speak their minds in many artistic ways.

Social Voice

This classroom site has a very strong student presence. I like that the students’ work is easy to find and seems to be the focus of the page. On their home page, the students’ poems, writing, videos, and thoughts appear. You start to piece together their background and get to know them from their writing.

On my second glance at this site, I found the podcast section. These students are being very brave and giving their opinions on some issues that are very controversial. They are telling their stories though and putting them out there for the world to hear. This is fantastic!

There’s also a section where students about the course and real life are posted such as, “Why does poetry matter?” The answers from the students are inspiring and would be great to show my students. If the students on the site aren’t afraid to share their opinions, maybe then mine won’t be either.

Service projects! Wow! How inspiring! The projects the students have participated in and pictures of things they’ve created to donate are posted here. The students are shown and their cards, flower pots, and books are shown too. This can be an inspiration for other students out there.

Murals that the students created seem to be very special to the class. This is a link off to the right side and appears under each page of their site. The students are shown in action and painting and many finished projects are shown. The murals are beautiful and represent themes like culture, teamwork, and military appreciation.

This would be a great site just to show to fellow educators for them to see what is possible with their same age middle school students. I would ask them what could they see their students doing that is similar to these students. What would they put on their class’s blogsite that they are already doing with their students? What does it make them dream for their classes and their students? Are there new technologies that we could use this year to help us get closer to any of the goals we have? What steps can we take now to move toward this type of expression with out students?

Educator Blog #3-Like Whoa…

6 Nov

The Educator’s PLN: the personal learning network for educators…

Awards And Nominations

I might just have to say that you can pretty much find anything you are looking for in the realm of education on this site??? It’s um…actually quite intimidating! There’s so much on here and so many cool things. I found a video of the site’s creator talking about a ning and he sounded older than me and was talking about technology! Gasp!? I am supposed to know more! LOL! Okay, I know this is ridiculous but there are many pages and groups and other things I may not even know how to define but I would consider myself a beginner in this technology online Web 2.0 stuff and still, I am having trouble navigating the site. It’s like getting lost online! I’m bad enough on the real road! This being said, on the left side of the page, they have a list of how to’s: What You Need To Know About Navigating This Ning Site and a List of Other Educator Ning Sites. This was helpful. Having a ‘seasoned teacher’ lead this discussion can also be inspiring to teachers who may feel that because they have been around for quite some time that they can’t learn this new technology. This is a good lesson for them that all teachers should be willing to embrace or at least be open to new things.  

They also in the center have a top content section. After that is the videos section. And then a forum. So at first I literally was afraid of clicking on the forum but I did, and found an amazing site where a teacher teaches English throuh pop songs in Youtube and has quizzes about which word Bruno Mars used in his song, “Just the Way You Are.” Whoa!

With each click, I’m overcoming fears! LOL This helps me to understand what teachers feel when have absolutely no idea what they are looking at online or what they can do with it.

Blogs too are a part of the site. An interesting excerpt from a blog-”

Social Media has had a huge impact on the world. It is part of the new technology to the older generations. It is not technology to our children; it is what they consider part of their world. They don’t have to learn it because they live it. We as educators need to make it part of our lives as well, if we want our children to learn how best to use it. The genie jumped out of the bottle, and onto a horse that went to the station, boarded a train that travelled to the dock, to board the boat that left the dock. No way is that genie going back in the bottle.” Posting quotes like these or sharing quotes with our colleagues could be enough to prompt them to want to know more. We just need to get them thirsty for it.

Great way to stimulate thought, get reactions, and prod people to get to it. Why are we waiting? Oh wait, because we’re too scared to click on the next page in fear that the information will be too overwhelming for us…LOL…

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